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Dear Premier McGowan and Minister Saffioti,

Michael Clinch is a pastoralist from the southern part of WA’s Outback. He’s a committed custodian of our Outback lands – he’s worked hard over many years to restore his pastoral lease to health. But antiquated laws have restricted what he can do on his station, and now he and his family have been forced to sell up and leave the land.

This is a huge loss for our Outback – and there are many others like him. That’s why I’ve added my name to Michael’s petition calling on you to urgently take action to reform WA’s outdated Outback laws. While modernising our Outback laws may have been put on hold last year, your government now has the opportunity to do what’s right for people like Michael. 

Adopting policies which support diversification into enterprises such as carbon farming and tourism will help tremendously. Supporting families like the Clinchs through the diversification process will be essential.

Here’s the petition I’ve signed:

“I call on you to commit to positive changes for WA’s Outback. Our Outback can’t wait any longer – people are leaving the land and, without hands-on management from people who know and love the land, the natural and cultural heritage that is part of who we are as Western Australians is at risk.

I urge you and your government to put Outback reform high on the agenda. Please support proposed reforms that will allow people to diversify into more sustainable enterprises and activities. Please create the opportunity for new jobs in carbon farming, Indigenous land management and tourism. Please give Outback people and nature a fair go and a brighter future.”

Our Outback is an amazing place, but what makes it special is at risk. 

Help make Outback carbon farming a reality

Carbon farming is breathing life back into the Wheatbelt. But just over the fence in WA’s Outback, where it's needed most, it's not allowed.

Kent Broad has been a farmer all his life and he's seen first-hand the benefits that carbon farming has brought to WA's Wheatbelt - but the Outback is missing out.

Help make Outback carbon farming a reality - tell government today.

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