Michael's petition

"It breaks my heart to leave, but I have no choice."

Please sign my petition to help others avoid what’s happened to my family.

I'm devastated. My family and I have made the hardest of decisions to leave our home, Nallan Station. We’ve been at Nallan for 16 years and I’ve managed stations across the Outback for my whole working life.

The Clinch family has, over the generations, weathered droughts, poor stock prices and the challenges of raising a family in the heart of the Outback.

But the final straw for us was news late last year that the government’s promised reforms to Outback lands had stalled yet again. 

Nallan Station in the southern part of WA’s Outback is extraordinary country, and it’s in my blood. When we moved here the station had – like so many others in WA – suffered in decades-past from overgrazing that has stripped the energy out of the landscape.

Map - Nallan Station

As custodians of the land, we set out to bring it back to health, and since then we have had some amazing results during the driest and hottest decade ever recorded in our neck of the woods.  

But we have had to do this work alone – long-promised reforms by government that could bring us opportunities like carbon farming and a program of stewardship for the land never materialised.

Now, our time is up – we have given every last drop of energy, time and money, and as a family we are unable to continue. We’ve had to sell up and move away.

It is with a broken heart, as we have come so far in bringing Nallan Station back to health. But a century of damage to the land can only be turned around by decades of care, and people like us need the support of all Western Australians – to whom this land really belongs – to make it happen.

But I’m not giving up completely. I have moved away to make a living but I am also not going to walk away from the people and communities of Outback WA.

Please join with me in pressuring the WA Government to make the Outback a priority, so that other families like ours aren’t forced to leave. The Outback needs people on the land, to bring it back to health and care for it into the future – and those people need your support.

Please add your name and share with family and friends.


Michael Clinch

Will you sign?

    When you sign the petition, an email will be sent to Premier Mark McGowan and Minister for Lands Rita Saffioti to let them know you’ve signed. The email will also be copied to Shadow Minister for Lands Liza Harvey, Leader of the Nationals Mia Davies, and Greens Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region Robin Chapple. Click to view full email message

    You can hear more from Michael in the Our Outback, Our Story video:


    The message we will send

    Dear Premier McGowan and Minister Saffioti,

    Michael Clinch is a pastoralist from the southern part of WA’s Outback. He’s a committed custodian of our Outback lands – he’s worked hard over many years to restore his pastoral lease to health. But antiquated laws have restricted what he can do on his station, and now he and his family have been forced to sell up and leave the land.

    This is a huge loss for our Outback – and there are many others like him. That’s why I’ve added my name to Michael’s petition calling on you to urgently take action to reform WA’s outdated Outback laws. While modernising our Outback laws may have been put on hold last year, your government now has the opportunity to do what’s right for people like Michael. 

    Adopting policies which support diversification into enterprises such as carbon farming and tourism will help tremendously. Supporting families like the Clinchs through the diversification process will be essential.

    Here’s the petition I’ve signed:

    “I call on you to commit to positive changes for WA’s Outback. Our Outback can’t wait any longer – people are leaving the land and, without hands-on management from people who know and love the land, the natural and cultural heritage that is part of who we are as Western Australians is at risk.

    I urge you and your government to put Outback reform high on the agenda. Please support proposed reforms that will allow people to diversify into more sustainable enterprises and activities. Please create the opportunity for new jobs in carbon farming, Indigenous land management and tourism. Please give Outback people and nature a fair go and a brighter future.”

    Yours sincerely,
    Your name and suburb


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