Add your name and help shape our Outback's future

Our Outback is at the heart of who we are as Western Australians, and now is your chance to formally have your say.

After a buildup of many months, the WA Government is now calling for your views on a series of law changes that could help create a brighter future for people and nature in the Outback. 

At stake is the opportunity to:

  • help pastoralists return Outback landscapes to health with Voluntary Stewardship Programs
  • create new Indigenous ranger jobs
  • allow Outback stations to diversify their livelihoods while also looking after the land.

The new laws are an excellent first step, but at the moment they only cater for the big players and we're concerned that family-run stations will be left behind. If this happens, there's a real risk that people will continue to leave our Outback - leaving it unmanaged and at risk from fire, ferals and weeds.

The WA government wants to hear from YOU. Don't miss this opportunity to have your say and help create a brighter future for our Outback.

We'll send the message below to the Department of Lands. It'll be copied to Premier Colin Barnett, Minister for Lands Terry Redman, and your local WA state MP. (If you don't live in WA, please contact us to find out how else you can help.)

Want to say more? Click here to write a submission in your own words.

Our Outback is an amazing place, but what makes it special is at risk. 

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