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Please count this as a submission to the Rangelands Reform Bill.

The Rangelands Reform Bill is a great first step towards modernising the way we use and care for WA’s iconic Outback. However, we need more than just law reform to make sure that both people and nature can thrive in our Outback.

I support the ecologically sustainable management of our Outback and research shows that we need more people on the land to manage it and keep it healthy. I urge the government to support Voluntary Stewardship Programs, Indigenous Ranger Programs and new land uses such as carbon farming which revive landscapes as well as livelihoods.

The introduction of a rangelands lease is essential if people on the land are to have more options for the sustainable management of our Outback. Please make sure that government assists leaseholders through the transition to a rangelands lease. Otherwise, the benefits of this reform may be out of reach of most family-run stations.

Modernising governance standards is vital for the sustainable management of our Outback in the future. Therefore I support: the introduction of the Pastoral and Rangelands Advisory Board; safeguards for pastoral lease owners in appealing decisions of the Minister; and moves to ensure the highest standards of transparency when new leases are granted.

These historic reforms have the potential to create a bright future for people and nature in our Outback. For the sake of all Western Australians, I urge you to stand firm behind our Outback and don't let this opportunity pass us by. 

Our Outback is an amazing place, but what makes it special is at risk. 

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