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I have followed with great interest your government’s moves to modernise the laws which govern land use in WA's Outback - which covers 90% of our amazing state.

The current laws act as a block on people taking up new opportunities that are not only more profitable, but also good for the land. These antiquated laws force leaseholders to run livestock as their primary business and restrict their ability to diversify into other enterprises such as carbon farming, tourism, conservation, other types of agriculture or native products harvesting.

I believe that the new Rangelands Reform legislation would lay a strong foundation for many of the changes needed in our Outback, including better support for pastoralists who seek to run a diversified agricultural business while looking after their land for future generations.

However, I am concerned that these new laws are at risk of being delayed until the next term of government. People in the Outback have already waited twenty years for meaningful change, and they cannot afford for the government that you're part of to leave them in limbo yet again. I believe that passing the buck onto the next generation of Outback families is not an option. 

I live in [suburb] and I believe that the Outback is part of the fabric of our state. It’s the responsibility of all Western Australians to ensure that the diverse landscapes of our Outback are kept healthy for future generations.

Our Outback is an amazing place, but what makes it special is at risk. 

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