Rangelands Gazette highlights the importance of reform

We're excited to announce a new initiative for WA's Outback - the Rangelands Gazette.

The Rangelands Gazette is a four-page newsletter published specifically for pastoral leaseholders in WA, in time for the State Government's release of the draft Rangelands Reform Bill this week. 

Leaseholders will be among those who are affected by the government's proposed changes. There is a growing consensus among a variety of Outback stakeholders - pastoralists, tourism operators, conservationists and others - that reform presents opportunities, but that more needs to be done if these opportunities are to be realised. 

The Rangelands Gazette explains the rangelands reform process, examines the opportunities created by reform and the elements that are missing from the government's program, and includes contributions from pastoralists and the legal sector. 

You can read the Rangelands Gazette here [PDF 2.2MB].


Our Outback is an amazing place, but what makes it special is at risk. 

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