Travels by camel

Many years ago I travelled into the desert on a camel. Many people who were driving their 4-wheel-drives stopped us and asked, aren't you bored out here. My answer, how could I possibly be bored when each new day brings natural wonders so spectacular, that I am in awe of them, sunrises and sunsets like huge fires in the sky or with colours like purples, torquoises, pink and more.

How can one be bored breathing in clean air in this vast area, this land full of fauna, flora never to be seen elsewhere, caterpillars that seem to smile, huge curious goannas that look around before they take off up a tree, harmless and beautiful. But most of all how can you be bored when the local human residents treat you like their own family, would drop everything for you if you were in need and come help.

To me the outback is a very special place that we need to support wholeheartedly, we need the outback much more than most city dwellers realise. I support the outback.

Our Outback is an amazing place, but what makes it special is at risk. 

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