Growing up in Newman

Growing up in Newman, I had the whole Pilbara as my playground. To this day, there is nothing quite as special as a thunderstorm in the Pilbara... They came out of nowhere most of the time.

I'd sit in class watching the huge, black clouds roll in over our tiny little town; waiting in anticipation, knowing the final siren was about to go and we'd all soon be making a mad dash to the bike racks to make it home before the skies opened up. You never forget THAT smell; the smell of those first few raindrops hitting the scorching hot road; so hot it would sometimes make roads look like they were smouldering.

I was lucky in my street growing up in Newman. Every time we were lucky enough to get a big storm roll through, good old Wilara Street would flood down one end where strong currents of red, muddy water would gush through storm water drains through to Kurra Street. All of us thought it was the best fun ever! Not stopping for one second to think about how dangerous it was; it was the highlight of our "wet season"...

Forever a Pilbara kid at heart...

Our Outback is an amazing place, but what makes it special is at risk. 

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