Our inner map

WA's outback is special to all of us. This great tract of country, through its vastness and beauty, challenges us to understand and accept our true place on the planet - not as one of a species which is superior to others or as a conqueror of nature, but as part of the environment, no more important than any other. Our inner map is there to find or not to find - a red dirt track, a campsite near a dry waterway, a parting of yellow grass where kangaroos travel, a lizard's stony trail through a sea of spinifex, a mirage up ahead - a line of mountains which will turn out to be nothing at all, or an opening in the scrub where the remains of a  tin fireplace and a rusted enamel teapot are all that's left of a dream.

We can touch base out there - see ourselves as we really are, and begin to understand the immense task we have ahead, to protect this country and work towards an ecologically sustainable future.

Our Outback is an amazing place, but what makes it special is at risk. 

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