Something far larger than myself

For me, the ability to walk through a landscape that has endured for millions of years in relative isolation from the rest of the globe, brings a feeling of humility and a deep appreciation of what makes the rugged beauty of the Australian outback so special. The vast open spaces make me feel connected to something far larger than myself - a continuing story of survival and evolution throughout the rangelands despite the challenges brought by fire, flood and drought.

Perhaps the most special aspect of the Australian outback, is the people who live there. The rangeland communities of Western Australia play a vital role in managing the natural assets of this beautiful landscape. The importance of progressive and innovative approaches to land management, exemplified by those undertaken at Wooleen Station is paramount to the preservation and continuation of the story of the Western Australian rangelands. I would love to experience this story first hand, so that I might better understand the links between the natural environment and human activity. 

Our Outback is an amazing place, but what makes it special is at risk. 

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