The most "can do" people

I was born and bred in the outback and had to leave when I was seventeen. I have longed to return over the years and have even worked as a roustabout in a shearing team at forty five just to have the experience again. Never again.

The beautiful red dirt, the blue skies and the different hues of green are such an amazing contrast and remind you of the seasons you can have. It can be so desolate and hard on life with drought yet so beautiful and soft in a good season, but ultimately it can burn into your soul and leave an indelible print that stays always.

People of the outback are just the most caring, resilient, independent "can do" people you will meet. Nothing is too much or hard for them, they give it a go and will help anyone who needs a hand.

Amazing friendships were forged in the outback and always remain with you into your future. So many of those friends have now gone but my memories of them linger and my life in the outback is just that, a distant memory that I will cherish always.

Our Outback is an amazing place, but what makes it special is at risk. 

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