Thank you - it means a lot

Nallan_images_four_grid_2.pngThe Outback is a big place and over the years successive governments have backed down from the much-needed reforms to Outback lands. So it means a great deal for my family and I to know that there are people like you all over Western Australia - and beyond - who are willing to speak up and put pressure on government.

Our time at Nallan Station is up, but there's others like us who will benefit if the government finally enacts the promised reforms. And more than that, opportunities like carbon farming and a program of stewardship for the land would not only help people, but would work wonders in bringing Outback landscapes back to health.

Because this is so important, can you please take a moment to share my petition using the buttons below? Or send it by email to your friends and family.

Thanks again,

Photos taken at Nallan Station by Kerry Trapnell.

Our Outback is an amazing place, but what makes it special is at risk. 

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