Five WA Outback photographers to follow during social distancing

Stuck at home social distancing and missing the WA Outback? We have you covered!
We are facing an unprecedented time and everything can be overwhelming, but your social media feed doesn't have to be.
We've put together a list of five talented WA nature photographers we reckon you should follow to add some Outback colour and vibrancy in your daily life.

The Nocturnal Photographer @thenocturnalphotographer

Fremantle-based photographer David Atkins is a nocturnal landscape photographer with many awards under his belt.

David has long been intrigued by long exposures and enjoys the creativity and imagination of nocturnal photography. He has said that through practice, patience, education and experimentation, long exposures after dark had become his primary love.

He also runs workshops in the field of creating Astrolandscape images.



Nature By Nathan @naturebynathan

Nathan Dobbie is a Perth-based fine art landscape photographer, with a passion for the outdoors and nature.

A lot of his time is spent photographing WA landscapes and wildlife, with many of his photographs showcasing the stunning colours and vibrancy of the WA Outback and Kimberley region.


Jordan Cantelo Photography @jordancantelo

WA-based photographer Jordan Cantelo is an award-winning landscape photographer.

Although all of his work is stunning, Jordan’s weather-scape photography is the most captivating of all his work.

Jordan has a strong passion for the weather and chasing thunderstorms, and enjoys the pursuit of creating an impact in his photos of mother nature’s most electrifying and spectacular shows.



Michael Schweiger Photography @west_aussie_mick

WA-based photographer Michael Schweiger has a love and appreciation for Outback WA.

Most of his photography work has been taken during his solo camping trips around WA, where he can capture and appreciate the colours and patterns of the WA Outback.

Some of Michael's best work comes from his love of WA salt lakes. He says the high contrast of colours and patterns make for great photography and he enjoys capturing the interactions between the wild animals at those spots.

Michael is passionate about Outback WA and says he would love to see it managed in a way that is supportive of preserving its beauty.



Ryan Stampfli Photography @ryanandthedrone

Newman-based photographer Ryan Stampfli first started in the photography business with his wife, but quickly fell in love with drone photography.

Ryan loves that drone photography can provide access to a point of view that previously would have required great risk or the expense of flying. He said there are so many hidden treasures that drone photography can show, especially in remote areas like the Pilbara.

Our Outback is an amazing place, but what makes it special is at risk. 

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