The story of WA's Outback is our story

We love Outback WA. It's an extraordinary place, which has shaped the foundations of our great State and who we are today. We want to keep it great for people, nature and future generations.

We have a responsibility to safeguard our Outback for the future. But leading experts are now warning the Outback is at a tipping point.

Uncontrolled, catastrophic wildfires are causing irreparable damage. Feral cats and other introduced animals are decimating our unique wildlife. Decades of government neglect and over-grazing mean our fragile soils are blowing away. Many of the things that make our State special are at risk of being lost forever.

At a time when people are needed more than ever to meet the challenges facing this special place, people are leaving the Outback because of brakes on opportunity. In the face of a declining pastoral industry, antiquated laws are stopping people from diversifying into more modern, profitable and sustainable ways of making a living and looking after the Outback.

Wouldn’t it be great if our laws reward those who manage their land well, encourage new enterprises and jobs that look after our Outback, and protect our most special natural places?

Fortunately, we now have an opportunity to achieve just that. Right now, the State Government is deciding on historic reforms. The Outback needs your support to make sure they do the right thing and revitalise the Outback so we care for both nature and people.

The Outback belongs to every West Australian. Please join with us to help write the next chapter of the Outback story. Together we can turn things around and breathe a new lease of life into the place at the heart of our State.

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This study by global research and public policy organisation The Pew Charitable Trusts has found more people are needed in Australia’s Outback to ensure one of the last immense regions of nature left on Earth remains healthy.

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