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What is Outback WA?

The Outback is the vast heartland of Australia. From amazing gorges and rock formations, to wild rivers, wildflowers and unique flora and fauna - there are few places left in the world that are still as environmentally intact as the Outback.

The WA Outback makes up around 89 per cent of Western Australia’s landmass, spanning over 225, 621,000 hectares.

The WA Outback starts from the Great Western Woodlands in the south and runs diagonally northwest to meet the coast just below Shark Bay.

The WA Outback includes the Kimberley, Pilbara. Desert, Gascoyne rangeland regions of WA and almost all the Goldfields, Nullabor, and Murchison regions. At the southern edge of the rangelands it includes the Nullabor, Hampton, Coolgardie, and Yalgoo bioregions, and dips below Coolgardie to include all of the Great Western Woodlands.

The WA Outback is of global significance, supporting a rich and distinctive array of plants and animals, and is one of the world’s few remaining larger natural areas, which is why it’s so important we act now to protect it and manage it.

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