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Invest in National Parks

Western Australians love their national parks. Expanding and better managing national parks will give more Western Australians a chance to get out and explore nature, while offering new jobs in remote and rural areas.

It will also mean protecting more precious habitat for the native plants and animals of our Outback to thrive in.

In February 2019, the Create Ranger Parks campaign successfully secured a commitment from the WA government to create 5 million hectares of new national parks and marine parks through the Plan For Our Parks initiative, Australia's largest ever commitment to national parks and securing a new national park estate that is almost the size of Tasmania!

These parks will be jointly managed and jointly vested with Traditional Owner groups and created in consultation with the community of Western Australia. It is crucial that Aboriginal rangers and leaders are given a central role in designing and managing these new parks to ensure both Indigenous and western knowledge is used to protect our unique landscapes; and that there are employment and economic opportunities for Traditional Owners.

It's now important that the Government continues to hear from the community about how important these new parks will be in protecting our environment and supporting tourism. Your support will help to ensure that this historic commitment becomes part of the backbone of the environment and economy of Western Australia for future generations.

Plan for Our Parks will go a long way in protecting WA's natural assets. However, a continuation of this ground-breaking initiative is needed with the creation of new national parks and through protecting former pastoral leases that were purchased for conservation.

With every day that passes, the threats to these unique places grow stronger and the task of returning them to health grows more challenging. 

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Dear Premier, Opposition Leader and Local MP

I support the creation of new national parks jointly managed by Traditional Owners, as an important part of the WA COVID economic recovery.

The expansion of our national park estate in WA will be a longstanding legacy for all Western Australians.

The pandemic has reminded us all just how valuable national parks and nature are to our health, wellbeing and the economy, as well the importance of protecting our natural wonders and wild landscapes.

Investment in national parks not only protects WA's best natural assets, but also creates employment and regional development opportunities.  These include tourism and the creation of Aboriginal ranger jobs, which benefits the environment and remote communities. 

I urge you to commit to continue creating new national parks in partnership with Traditional Owners into the next term of government -for us all to enjoy.

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Support the creation of new national parks as part of the WA COVID recovery

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My Country is very harsh at times but it also can be very nurturing.  It is an environment that if you look after it, it will look after you.  Create Ranger Parks is an opportunity to connect people to their traditional country and to protect the natural and cultural heritage that matters to all Western Australians.

Bianca McNeair, Malgana Custodian, Shark Bay

The Create Ranger Parks initiative is one I hold quite dear. It just makes sense on so many fronts – socially, environmentally and culturally.

Lara Dalton, Member of the Mid West Development Commission, Geraldton

We've got to get people out on Country and where is better suited for this purpose than the 60 Outback properties that have already been purchased for conservation and land management - places that are home to hundreds of important Aboriginal cultural sites that help tell the story of this land.

Richard Nelly, Yamatji Elder, Geraldton