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Invest in Indigenous Land Management

Indigenous Ranger Programs and Indigenous Protected Areas has been one of the most outstanding success stories of the Outback in recent years.

Aboriginal ranger programs with ongoing core funding have a proven track record of delivering environmental, social, economic and community benefits in remote areas, where many programs struggle to have success. Providing real jobs in often remote places, these programs combine traditional cultural knowledge, western science and modern technologies to manage and protect our Outback’s natural and cultural heritage.

Through planned actions such as controlling feral animals, managing Outback bushfires and maintaining infrastructure, the positive benefits have ranged from helping to prevent wildlife extinctions, to delivering significant health and economic outcomes. These programs have transformed both lives, as well as landscapes.

While this has been an extraordinary win-win, there is still far greater potential and need in WA than is currently being realised. 

Partnership for the Outback supports the work of Country Needs People in advocating for increased funding and improved support for Indigenous Land Management in Western Australia.


Increased investment is needed in the proven benefits of the Aboriginal Ranger Program to create jobs and support cultural and environmental management, with dedicated funding for planning and core operations to grow existing groups and support new and emerging groups.

With the support of people like you, we can make Aboriginal Ranger Programs and Indigenous Protected Areas an even greater success story for WA’s Outback and its people.

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