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Do you want to do more to support a brighter future for Outback WA? Here's how you can take further action, both online and in your local community.


Outback Carbon Farming Conference summary

The conference, held in Perth in August 2016, focused on unlocking the potential of carbon sequestration in the Western Australian Outback.

My Country, Our Outback report

The second in Pew's Outback Papers series, My Country, Our Outback: Voices from the land on hope and change in Australia's heartland. PDF document, 35MB.

Modern Outback Report

This study of Australia's Outback finds that more people are needed to ensure the health of one of the last great natural places on Earth. PDF document, 22MB.

Modern Outback Report Summary

This is the executive summary of the Modern Outback Report. PDF document, 6MB.

Rangelands Gazette

A Partnership for the Outback publication explaining the detail of reforms to WA's Outback. PDF document, 2.2MB.

Working for Our Country Report

A review of the economic and social benefits of Indigenous land and sea management. PDF document, 4.5MB.

Our Outback is an amazing place, but what makes it special is at risk. 

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