We need decisive action

Endangered Animals

Millions of native animals are killed by feral cats every night. Other introduced animals are having a huge impact on Outback infrastructure, water and stock.


Huge losses

An area 3 times larger than Tasmania is in “poor condition”. Historic over-grazing and the loss of our fragile soils is being actively ignored by government.

Outback environments are being degraded, causing sheep and cattle stations to lose productivity.


People are leaving the Outback

The Outback needs people more than ever to meet these challenges.

Right now, government inaction and WA’s laws are stopping the uptake of new sustainable enterprises that care for the land Those Outback stations that want to diversify into more profitable and environmentally-friendly ways of making a living, such as tourism, are not allowed to. Frustrated by the brakes on opportunity, people are leaving and old, unsustainable practices continue, risking further damage.

Wouldn’t it be great if our laws encouraged new enterprises and jobs, rewarded those who manage their land well, and protected our heritage?

We need a new approach – one that supports people, jobs and nature.


We’re on a mission to stand up for our Outback, and when it comes to convincing the government to act, numbers count. Join with us, help write the next chapter of our Outback story, and breathe a new lease of life into the heart of our state.

Our Outback is an amazing place, but what makes it special is at risk. 

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